With Two Wings

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With Two Wings

By Anne Negri

Director: Lian Walden
Set Designer: Marthe  Hoffman
Lighting Designer: Jane Chan
Costume Designer: Meghan Boehmer
Sound Designer: Ryan Hopper
Photos by: Rachel Philipson


Inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, the story unfolds in a magical land where people have wings. A young boy named Lyf finds himself grounded ─ living an earthbound existence sheltered by his cautious parents. With the help of friends, Lyf must learn to grow up and spread his wings, knowing that he will always have a safe place to land. Winner of a Kennedy Center Playwriting Award, this charming tale will captivate children and parents alike.

Photos by Rachel Philipson: http://www.twobeagsbarking.com/2013/08/hangar-theatre-kiddstuff-summer-2013.html